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hand building (sculpture) classes & workshops


February 23rd Workshop: Boat Building

Join us in working with slabs and patterns to build a boat. As the boat dries to the leather hard stage we will add a wood grained surface texture, then finish the boat with underglazes. 3-Week Workshop $150

Sundays, 6pm - 9pm, Begins Feb 23rd

All Skill Levels



March 22nd Workshop: Making Faces

We will explore different face-building techniques in clay, surface texture and glazing. 3-Week Workshop $150

Sundays, 6pm - 9pm, Begins March 22nd

All Skill Levels


Intermediate Sculpting

This intermediate level, hands-on class will expand your skills in hand-building and help develop your confidence in working with clay. There will be group demonstrations in building, surface texture, and the use of glazes in a fun and friendly environment. 6-Week Class, all inclusive (tools, clay, glazing, firing), $250 

Thursdays 10am-1pm, Begins March 5th

Some Clay Experience Required

About the instructor

Instructor: Suzanne M. Long

Suzanne Long studied Illustration and Graphic Design and began her career in New York working as a freelance Illustrator and Production Artist. She moved to the Bay Area in 1991 and then transitioned from commercial work to fine art. She has been a sculptor since 1996 and her work has been featured in publications and throughout the country in many fine art galleries and juried art shows.

Artist Statement:

My work is about memory, adding a visual narrative to my thoughts. My work is about melancholy and humor, politics and storytelling. Sometimes I don't know what my work is about, I just have a compulsion to make it. I let my hands lead, other times my mind. I like to work in series, a season of work, making the same piece over and over, like picking out the notes on a piano, practicing. I repeat it again and again until it is a part of me, then I can release the concept, with some understanding of it. My work teaches me who I am, it defines the edges for a time, then my focus changes and my work becomes something else. It answers a question for me; it poses a question to me.