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2 Hour Pottery Projects

Don't have time to commit to a five or six week class? Come in and play with us for just two hours instead! It's fun, easy, and you will love what you'll create.

We'll focus on one particular project, and walk you through it, so no experience is required! You can keep yours simple--or get creative--it's entirely up to you. 


  • That's right - a fun pottery project that only takes two hours out of your day!
  • We'll tell you in advance what the project will be
  • You will pick one of the glaze options that we will offer you before you leave, and we will glaze your project for you.
  • After you're done, the project will need to be dried, fired, glazed, and then fired again. It will be ready to be picked up in approximately 2 weeks after the class, and we will email you when it's ready.
  • Classes are usually $45, all inclusive: clay, tools, instruction, glazing, firing, etc. Occasionally we will offer a specialty class for $55
  • No experience required!

Upcoming Workshops: